Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NEW Medical Assistant Job Postings!!!

Check out these new job postings! Each posting is a Medical Assistant listing found on the internet. Click on the "Apply Here" buttons in order to see the full job description and to apply online.

Please call Career Services at 914-874-2500, when you recieve call backs, interviews or when you are hired! Good Luck!

Lutheran Health Care- Brooklyn, NY-
Apply Here

YAI Network- New York, NY-
Apply Here

Mount Kisco Medical Group- Poughkeepsie, NY -
Apply Here

Beth Israel Medical Center- New York, NY-
Apply Here

Mount Sinai Hospital- New York, NY-
Apply Here

Dermatology Office- New York, NY-
Apply Here

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center- Newark, NJ -
Apply Here

Doctors Office- Paramus, NJ-
Apply Here

Department of the Air Force- NY-
Apply Here

Pediatrics Office- New York, NY-
Apply Here

Outpatient Center- Secaucus, NJ-
Apply Here

Doctors Office- West Orange, NJ-
Apply Here

Department of the Army- West Point- NY-
Apply Here

NYC Hospitals- New York, NY-
Apply Here

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    and their families, providing them all the information they would need in order to e
    ase their apprehensions, displaying empathy and understanding the delicacies of
    communication in a dispiriting hospital environment, are skills that practices
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